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Fluther-Tap the Collective

I am currently starting a theme on justice in my classroom. I was looking for some controversial topics to discuss with my kids to drive the point home during class discussions. I came across this site called Fluther. Fluther recognized the humanity in knowledge. Anybody can go on and ask a question in 2 different categories (social and general) and Fluther finds somebody on the web to answer the question. The general section finds clear cut, simple answers to questions. The social section allows “experts” to express some opinions and make for some controversial discussion. I was able to type in “Justice” and “Fairness” into the search tab and found hundreds of questions about the topic. I printed out the questions and told my students it was their turn to be an expert. They used their judgement and morals to answer the questions, and it made for some very healthy discussion. The students were most interested in debating the question “Is it too late to bring Nazi criminals to justice?”

And I can tell you are dying to know what a “fluther” is…

Its a group of jellyfish.

Official Fluther Site

_Mister H


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