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Using WordPress in the Classroom

It is safe to say, I am a blog fiend. Whenever I have a spare second, I always like to be updated with new current events, music videos, websites, and editorials about pressing issues. I find myself subscribing to culture blogs such as Displaced South Florida Kids…DSFK for short, created by a fraternity brother to inform the masses about music, art, clothing, and college life. This creative use of blogging can be used in the classroom as well. Teachers can create blogs to replace discussions, showcase student work, extend classroom activities, and allow for parent involvement outside of the classroom. If I had easier access to computers, I would have student blogging replace journal entries. Students would be able to showcase youtube videos, talents, interests, and educational insight, rather than writing in a marble composition book. These blogs can be compiled into one class blog that displays the individual students work in the order they were submitted. Parents, and interested friends can receive daily blog updates, to keep up with the lives of these students. Attached is a link of my class website that I use to showcase students work.

Room 343 Website


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