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Use AnswerGarden to Brainstorm with your class

AnswerGarden is an online interactive feedback tool. It can be used online or embedded on a blog or wiki. It is great for brainstorming with a class or having students respond to a prompt at the same time. It is free and can be used with students under 13. I like that it is minimalistic and easy to use. I like using it for opinion type questions and also for bellwork.


What is your favorite web resource to use in the classroom?… at AnswerGarden.ch.


-Nicole C.


Additional Movie Maker

This is an additional movie making program that’s available through the PS3 game system.  While this option is limited to students who own the gaming system and pay a fee to have the program, it’s another choice for making movies.  With this program, the students have the ability to use voice overs instead of mechanical voices.

Xtranormal Movie Maker

By simply choosing characters and typing in text, students can make movies to demonstrate their knowledge of various subjects.

Video Scavenger Hunt

This is a short example of a Video Scavenger Hunt in which students were practicing the use of different measurement tools.  This clip shows the use of a Triple Beam Balance. The students were required to find items of a specific mass and video the results.  Meter sticks, Graduated Cylinders and Spring Scales were also used.   Worksheets compliment the activity and allow the students to practice using the correct metric measurements.

2 Great Black History Websites for Teachers

I am currently tutoring mostly minority middle school students in the AVID program at a Title 1 school. Being only a tutor in the AVID classroom, I do not have much say as to activities outside of the AVID curriculum, but my teacher allowed me to lead this series of activities with the students. This week we substituted some Black History Month activities for our usual tutorial group sessions.  This was sprung on me at the last minute, so I searched the web for instant ideas. www.educationworld.com is a website for teachers that contains lesson plans and activities for all grade levels in almost all topics. The website is incredibly user-friendly; all I had to do was click on the “Top Features” tab, then scroll down to the “Holidays & Special Days” link. Dozens of lessons and activities dealing with Black History Month appeared, and after scanning the options provided for me, I could pick and choose ideas from various lesson plans to implement with my middle school students. They engaged in the Black History Month Scavenger Hunt, a collection of online activities aimed at teaching students more about the topic through a hands-on experience.


Another useful website dealing with Black History is www.floridablackhistory.com/facts.cfm. On this website, historical facts pertaining to each day of the month are listed and described in brief detail. I had my minority middle school students find information on people I did not think they would be familiar with, as to have them learn more about their own heritage; the website does not only list major players such as Martin Luther King, Jr. or Rosa Parks, but a variety of musicians, authors, etc. The website also contains a laundry list of Black History literature for each grade level (http://www.floridablackhistory.com/reading.cfm) so teachers can emphasize the importance of Black History all throughout the year.

By: Rachel Lipson

Fun Brain

Fun Brain is a great website for grades K-8.   All subjects are covered on this site and it can be broken down by grade.  This site would be a great way to practice various skills at home or for extra time in class.  There is also a section for teachers that contains standards, a gradebook and a curriculum guide.

Kirsten Muir


Blabberizer as a teaching tool

When I was first presented with Blabberizer in technology meeting at my school I thought it was silly. I wasn’t sure when I would ever need to make pictures talk. Watching the Super Bowl commercials (particularly this McDonald’s one with the bears) I had a brain wave. I think it would be cool to have students take a picture of a historical figure and make it recite a monologue about their accomplishments or an important event. I may try using it with my eighth graders this week. We are studying the Progressive Era and their book highlights six reformers. I think it would be a great review activity to have them “blabberize” each of these people as group project.


-Nicole C.